Kits include sensory items for when departments arrive at a scene with a child who has autism.
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Carter Kits - An autism sensory tool


Kits include special autism sensory items for when departments arrive at a scene with a child on the autism spectrum. Meet the child, Frankenmuth's five-year-old Carter Severs, and the friends behind “Carter Kits” along with local police and fire chiefs who highlight the impact of the kits.

The story behind "Carter Kits"

An additional tool to help first responders when on scene with an autistic child

Local first responders will soon have a new tool to help children with autism spectrum disorder who are at the scene of an emergency. A tool called Carter Kits.

Carter Kits will have items such as noise-canceling ear muffs, sunglasses, a weighted blanket, sensory toys and other fidget devices. The items inside will help reduce the anxiety of special needs children by helping them relax and remain calm.

Carter Kits are inspired by five-year-old Carter Severs of Frankenmuth, Michigan. Carter has autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Carter has made large strides, but still struggles with communication and anxiety like the 1 in 59 children who is diagnosed with ASD.


Carter’s father Justin Severs is a Saginaw Township Police detective. He’s seen the need for tools like Carter Kits when first responders arrive at often chaotic and frightening scenes with a child who has autism. 

Severs, along with friends Brandon Hausbeck, a Saginaw firefighter, and Andrew Keller, a local Realtor with JMW Real Estate in Frankenmuth, discussed the potential to tackle this need and they put plans into motion to provide local departments with Carter Kits.

On Thursday, December 12, 12 PMat Saginaw Fire Department Station #1 (801 Federal Ave, Saginaw), four local departments will receive Carter Kits. At this event, they’ll display the items associated with Carter Kits and introduce Carter.

The home is to grow this into a chance to supply more departments with the kits for children with autism.

For more information, contact Andrew Keller: 810-444-2963